Boboduino environment setup cheatsheet

This cheat sheet helps you to quickly setup the board for code writing. If you cannot figure it out, you can jump to the further reading part

Step 1: Arduino IDE download link

Download the Arduino IDE from the link and install it!

Arduino IDE download link:

Further reading:
🎩 Arduino IDE installation

Remove the Arduino IDE from quarantine

If you have encounter the error message like this below:

Please type these command to the terminal

sudo xattr -rd [Your Arduino IDE location]

For example: 

sudo xattr -rd /Applications/Arduino

CH340G driver installation

Download and install the USB driver(CH340G) driver from the link below or WCH’s Github.

Operation systemDriver versionUpload timeFile size

Further reading:
🎩 USB driver installation (CH340G)

Boboduino MiniCore

Install the Boboduino MiniCore with the Boboduino MiniCore JSON file