USB driver installation (CH340G)

The BOBODUINO UNO uses the CH340G USB-to-serial converter chip. After installing the Arduino IDE or Platform IO, you may need to download the CH340G driver if you plug the BOBO board into your computer and it is not recognized as an external device.

To install the CH340G USB driver, you can choose the download link based on your operating system:

Operation systemDriver versionUpload timeFile size

The above file links are from the official website of WCH (QinHeng). You can also download them directly from the official website. However, it is written in Chinese |o| )

I’ve found SparkFun has provide a detailed video, which might be helpful for you!

For more detail illustration, you can also read this great article from SparkFun 😀

How to Install CH340 Drivers

(So that I don’t need to write another one :-P)