What’s Boboduino Uno ?

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    What is Boboduino?

    Boboduino is an Arduino Uno R3-like development board designed with some additional awesome features for beginners and makers to create their masterpieces!

    If you appreciate Type-C USB and wish to utilize lithium batteries for creating wireless solutions, or if you desire a board that is compatible with Arduino Uno but offers slightly more powerful features, you might want to consider looking into Boboduino 😀

    Here are the main differences between Boboduino and Arduino Uno:

    SpecificationBOBODUINO UNOArduino Uno R3
    USB connectorType-CType-B
    Power supply* Type-C
    * 5V power supply
    * Type-B USB 
    * 9~12V power supply
    Digital pins* 20+4 pins
    * Include A6, A7, PE0, PE1
    * 20 pins
    * D0~D13(14 pins)
    * A0~A5(6 pins)
    Analog pins8 pins
    * Include A6,A7
    * 6 pins
    * A0~A5
    SPI2 sets1 set
    UART2 sets1 set
    IIC2 sets1 set
    PWM9 sets6 sets

    Take a quick look of the cool design here, we will illustrate more in the next article!

    Main functions