Comparison and compatibility between Boboduino UNO and Arduino Uno

Compatibility and Specification Comparison

Specification Comparison

Here are some basic specification differences listed here for everyone to reference the main differences between the two. Actually, comparing specifications in microcontrollers doesn’t hold much significance because there are always more powerful microcontrollers released every year. I believe the reason why Arduino UNO has been able to sustain in the market for so long, despite not being the most powerful, is mainly because it is a platform that allows beginners to quickly get started. On the other hand, Boboduino is just an extension of this platform, providing some additional convenient features. However, a comparison table may help everyone quickly understand the differences between the two.

SpecificationBOBODUINO UNOArduino Uno R3
USB connectorType-CType-B
Power supply* Type-C
* 5V power supply
* Type-B USB 
9~12V power supply
Digital pins* 20+4 pins
* Include A6, A7, PE0, PE1
* 20 pins
* D0~D13(14 pins)
* A0~A5(6 pins)
Analog pins8 pins
* Include A6,A7
* 6 pins
* A0~A5
SPI2 sets1 set
UART2 sets1 set
IIC2 sets1 set
PWM9 sets6 sets


Project compatibility: Since the 328PB McU is considered a small upgrade of the 328P, it supports all the features of the 328P while adding some additional functionality. Therefore, projects made on Arduino Uno should be compatible with Boboduino, which uses the 328PB.

USB Connection: To simplify circuit design, we have used the CH340G chip as the USB interface. If the computer does not have the CH340G driver installed, it may not recognize the board. The CH340G driver provides support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.

MiniCore bootloader: The bootloader is the initial program that runs on the microcontroller after power-up. Boboduino uses the MiniCore bootloader, which needs to be installed in the Arduino IDE. You can refer to the provided documentation for detailed installation steps.

If you encounter any specific issues, we can discuss them separately.