Arduino IDE installation

Install Arduino IDE 2.2.0+

Link: Download Arduino IDE from official Arduino website.

Here we demonstrate the installation process of the Arduino IDE on a computer. First, let’s go to the official Arduino IDE download site, choose the Arduino IDE version that corresponds to your current operating system, and download it. The step by set installation process is quite straightforward. If you encounter any issues, you can find more information on the official Arduino website.

🧚‍♀️ When you read this article, you might find a version newer than 2.2.1, and it’s perfectly fine to install the new version!

After you click on the download link for your operating system, you may see a page like the one shown below, which asks for a donation before downloading. If you wish to make a donation to the Arduino Foundation, you can click on the amount and then select [CONTRIBUTE & DOWNLOAD]. If you only want to download the software for now, simply click on the less conspicuous[JUST DOWNLOAD] option on the left. Don’t worry; they do not require you to make a donation when you simply want to download the software.